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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. residents in the middle of the country are reeling after massive tornadoes from texas to minnesota. officials say early warnings saved many lives, but woodward,
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oklahoma was not so lucky. manuel gallegus reports a twister killed six people including three children. >> reporter: residents ever woodward, oklahoma are cleaning up the devastating damage left by a fast moving destructive tornado. >> we got down to the cellar. it was right there. i could hear it coming as we were heading down the stairs. >> reporter: utility companies are working to restore power in the town where the tornado destroyed dozens of buildings. there was little warning. a lightning strike disabled 20 outdoor sirens. this is all that's left of a row of small businesses here in woodward. this morning we saw employees come back to salvage some things and survey the damage since there's nowhere left to work. kyle reynolds lost the dream house he built for his family five years ago. where do you go if here? >> well, i don't know. we spent all of yesterday just trying to get what we could out of the house and salvage what we could. >> two tornadoes. >> reporter: the massive storm
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system didn't just hit oklahoma. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it produced dozens of tornadoes from minnesota to kansas. warning sirens sounded in wichita, sending students from trinity academy who were attending their prom down into a shelter. >> i'm really scared. >> reporter: the students spent two hours underground losing part of their prom night. but others in the city lost much more. >> the base of my trailer and half of my wall is somewhere else. >> reporter: despite the damage, the only fatalities from the storm were in oklahoma. manuel gallegus, cbs news, woodward, oklahoma. the national weather service official says a month's worth of tornadoes were spotted just in kansas this weekend. today the house oversight committee will talk about what happened in las vegas. during the general services administration confredges. the head -- conference. the head of the gsa resigned
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earlier this month when the obama administration revealed that the event cost more than $800,000. the gsa's inspector general released a scathing report outlining thousands upon thousands of dollars of spending. he reportedly told a former administrator martha johnson about it a year ago. johnson and other gsa employees, some now on leave and facing charges, will testify about what they knew. well, president obama is back at the white house after attending the summit of the americas in colombia. while a trade agreement was signed there, the big news happened in advance of the president's arrival. 11 members of a secret service advance team were allegedly associating with prostitutes. president obama made his first comments about the situation saying that he expects everyone on official trips to have conduct beyond reproach. >> we're representing the people of the united states. when we travel to another
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country, i expect us to observe the highest standards because we're not just representing ourselves. >> the 11 agents were sent home and placed on administrative leave. no one was assigned to directly protection the president. today is a somber anniversary at virginia tech and for hokeys across the nation. remembrances began at midnight at the memorial on campus. it's been five years since that deadly shooting. [ playing taps ] >> members of the virginia tech core of cadets lit a candle. it will remain lit all day in honor of the 32 people killed in 2007. there will be a commemoration and a vigil tonight beginning at 7:30 p.m. this is the first time classes will be held on april 16th.
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most students who were freshmen when that shooting happened graduated last spring. it was 150 years ago today that 3100 slaves were freed here in the district of columbia. nine months before the emancipation proclamation was actually signed. d.c. residents celebrated the day with a breakfast at the willard hotel. our local leaders say it is important to remember this day in d.c. history. >> clearly full voting rights, clearly we need all residents freed here in the district of columbia to give us a vote, give us equal opportunity like every other jurisdiction in america. but i think today is really about those men and women who came from africa, who were stolen from africa, got here, stayed here, and continued to do such great work building
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this great city. >> the holiday will be marked by a parade, a concert and fireworks later tonight. the government begins its second attempt to convict hall of fame pitcher roger clemens of perjury today. the judge threw the case out last july when the prosecutor showed the jurors inadmissible evidence. daniel nottingham is at the courthouse with the latest information. >> reporter: roger clemens' second perjury trial begins with jury selection today. the hall of fame pitcher is accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he said he never used performance enhancing drugs. >> let me be clear. i have never takenster roitds or -- steroid -- taken steroids or hgh. >> reporter: the case went to trial last july but the judge declared a mistrial after prosecutors showed jurors he had already ruled inadmissible. this time the prosecution has five attorneys working on the high profile case instead of two.
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clemens has six lawyers on his team. the same judge from the first trial is presiding. he will ask about 80 potential jurors to fill out questionnaires to determine if anyone has a possible prejudice against the legendary pitcher or against the prosecution. the key witness at the trial will once again be clemens former trainer brian macme. he claims he injected clemens with steroids and human growth steroids and saved the needles. his lawyers are certain to attack his credibility. he's acknowledged not always telling the truth about the seven-time cy young award winner. if convicted clemens would likely face 15 to 21 months in prison. >> clemens' former teammate andy pettitte may also testify. that trial is expected to last four to six weeks. still to come when the news turns, see how a man is living
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a dream he never thought was possible after losing just about everything. he's the focus of my hero central report.
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i'm andrea roane. since april 6, 9news now has been following our colleague and friend jc hayward as she battles a diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer.
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we followed jc to meetings with her breast surgeon, an m.r.i. that found the second suspect mass that was benign to the plastic surgeon's office and finally to the operating room. once determined to have a double mass sect my now armed with facts about her type of cancer, jc would choose to have a breast conserving lumpectomy. the surgery took less than 90 minutes. after being in recovery for a while, jc was discharged that same evening. here she is looking great. you started the newscast just like it was any other day. no hints that you had been away on sick leave, even for a few days. how do you feel? >> i'm looking at your arm. i wish i had her arms and i could wear, you know, a dress without sleeves. look at those arms. my goodness. you look great. >> this is about you. >> okay. i am feeling g. i heard if my surgeon. she said the lump was 2.1
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centimeter so that's an early stage 2. so that's good news. it was like encapsulated so it didn't go outside margins and she also took a lymph need. it had not spread so that's good news. i go for my postoperative meeting with her on thursday and then we can decide and determine treatment. more than likely i will have to have radiation. probably-- >> hormone therapy? >> more than likely i will be taken tamoxifen for several years. that's one of those real powerful cancer drugs that work very well. more than likely i'm assuming that i probably have to take that. we don't know about chemotherapy but probably radiation. but i'm telling you, i can move my arms all around. i feel great. >> they were having a hard time
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holding you down. she was ready to come back thursday. i said on the air she was almost coming in that friday. >> i was. i felt good. >> that's amazing. you have a high threshold but the one thing that you said dr. magnet was telling you about the size of the lump and again the fact that you found this through early detection even made her job easier in the operating room. >> she did an incredible job. when she took the bandages off, it looked good. i didn't have to have a drainage tube. i mean, that's to her credit. of course my dear friend was involved with the treatment from howard university. he was working with dr. magnet. with the two of them, i trusted their judgment and decided to go with the lumpectomy. >> when you woke up from anesthesia, do you remember what you said? >> i've read it. by the way, any time i let someone shoot me without my
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hair on, this had to be serious. i look terrible on that gurney. >> no, you didn't. but do you remember what you said? >> i said a couple of things. i think i was looking for a young, rich doctor. >> you were also looking for lipstick so the young, rich doctor would notice you. so producer extraordinaire martin asked us to bring in lipsticks. the women responded. even men contributed lipsticks and this is your gift, your welcome back. you will never have to worry about a lipstick ever again. so it's here for your purse, your jean pocket, everything. we're just thrilled that you're back. >> and they're red, my favorite color. oh, my goodness. >> every color to choose from. you look marvelous and this is what a survivor looks like. this is what early detection can mean in your life as well. >> yes, it really can. thank you for being my buddy. i have to say thank you to all the people who sent me lots of
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love and their prayers. prayer works because my situation didn't have to be like this. it could have been a lot worse. i've been very pleased. so thank you for your prayers and your concerns and your e- mails and the flowers and the candy and all of the good wishes. i really appreciate it. thank you. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> i want to get inside to the studio where we've got some air conditioning going. it's getting toasty out here. some temps already topping the 80-degree mark. we take a break with a look at the allergy outbreak. the tree pollen has gone all the way up in the high category. over a thousand, 1200. grasses are moderate. weefds and low are -- weeds and mold are low. 9news now returns in just a moment.
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how does someone who graduated from college and worked as an electrical engineer for almost 30 years become homeless? in today's hero central report, i share the story of a man who was on top, fell to the bottom and is now realizing dreams he never thought possible. >> reporter: james clark was cruising through life. he had a great job in georgia until he fell on hard times. his company downsized. a flood struck destroying all of his belongings and later he endured a tornado. >> when i first lost
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everything, i felt hopeless. i felt empty. i felt to the point where is it really worth living? >> clark came to alexandria to rebuild his life. good shepherd housing was the answer. for 37 years they have reduced homelessness, increased security support and promoted self-sufficiency. >> they assisted me in moving to this apartment which i truly love. i've taken care of and it's also given me a foundation that i can start to experience life as a prosperity versus looking at what a loss was. >> we help equip people with the skills and with anything that is going to help them stabilize their current situation and then learn how to continue that into the future. and so that they don't need good shepherd housing forever and always.
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>> not only does clark have a home, he has a new business. he makes organic spray body cleansers. they are called god's gifts, a name that could easily describe good shepherd housing. >> just the fact of knowing that i have a stable environment is really what's helping me today and thank to good shepherd housing, that stable environment is truly i something i -- is something i truly look forward to each and every day i come into this apartment. >> this past saturday good shepherd housing hosted its annual home gala in old town, alexandria. it helped to raise about a quarter of a million dollars so that more people like james clark can get back on their feet. for more information, go to my website howard is here with the forecast. >> it's good to see you. we're happy you're back. but between you being out for surgery, i was out for sick days and a couple of days on vacation, haven't seen you much the last two weeks.
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>> i know. i've missed you. >> missed you too but we're back. >> exactly. >> this weather is unbelievable. >> i turned the air conditioning on this morning. >> you need it. it's going to be in the upper 80s, maybe 90 in spots away from water this afternoon. here's a look at the day planner. we're off to the races. average high 67. we were there at about 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be climbing into the mid, upper 80s. again maybe flirting with 90 toward fredricksburg, out toward culpeper, even parts of the shenandoah valley. you get one of those downsloping winds and that can boost your temperatures big time. winds today south 10, 15, 20 miles an hour. so a bit breezy at times. looking at the records to beat today, 92. they were all set in '02 here in washington with 90 in baltimore. that one we'll make a run toward. 91 in dulles. may be tough to get. it's already 82 in martinsburg and winchester. it's 81 at bwi. 84 in fredricksburg. so we are way up there with the southerly winds, national, got a little wind off the potomac.
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they're at 77. annapolis staying cool at 72. in southern maryland i know it's covered but it's 81 at the pax river naval air station. i'll step out of the way for a moment. 83 in reston. 86 in crofton. columbia, yeah, coming in at 87 right now with centreville at 82. so a very, very warm day. look outside on our michael & son weather camera. skies are clear. sunshine out there. 77 officially at reagan national. dew point over 60. it's muggy, too. south winds at 10. humidity 58%. this line of showers and storms, this is a front. this is what went through parts of the midwest with the deadly tornadoes over the weekend. east of that the southerly flow. very warm air in place. going all the way up toward boston, running the marathon today. they gave deher finance for -- deferment to runners because it's dangerous. behind the front it gets cooler. this front is going to come through tonight. there might be an isolated shower or rumble of thunder with this but not much more
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than that. tomorrow partly sunny, cooler, 70s. probably in the 60s, upper 60s by wednesday. so today 87 at national. some areas toward 90. incredible. tonight will be low 60s. tomorrow mid-70s. slight chance after shower tonight. wednesday a slight chance of a shower. cooler, 67. then by thursday and friday, not bad, in the 70s and much needed rain. looks like that might happen over the weekend. we're going into the kitchen. got some tasty treats when 9news now returns.
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i'm one on one with one of my favorite chefs. he's from carmine's. i was just there monday night. i love carmine's in the penn central area of northwest washington. but he is here with me today because i want to tell you if you have not made plans for the weekend, on sunday you really want to go to the ninth annual blue jeans ball. it takes place at the marriott hotel. this is the ninth year that they've done this. they raise money for the capital area food bank. i can go on and on about the
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capital area food bank. they feed so many people in the met properly tan washington -- metropolitan washington area. carmine's is one of the featured restaurants. you can get great food. they have an auction. there's going to be live music. guess what? there are so many affairs in washington, you have to put on a black tie, evening gown, you know, tuxedo, you wear your blue jeans and you have fun. this is a fun affair. and so my chef today, chef terry is fixing one of his fabulous dishes from carmine's. when you go to carmine's, you better be hungry because they give you lots of food. what are you prepare something. >> we have a staple, one of our most popular items on our menu. it's a tomato-based sauce, a little cream, a shot of vodka to give it a little extra kick. crushed red peppers, onions and again this is a carmine staple. >> would you give me the
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recipe? >> yeah. >> i can make this at home? >> you can make this at home. >> it's going to be on by the way, lynn brantley, i'm featuring her on who is the founder of the capital area food bank. and she is just an incredible, fantastic, wonderful lady. so go to and see the interview with lynn brantley. also, you can get this recipe from carmine's. are we going to taste it? >> yes, we are. >> okay, let's taste it. it looks good. oh, wow. it's nice and hot. i'm hungry, too. >> that's good. what's the green? >> basil, parsley, romano. >> i'm going to eat it all. i'm not going to give any to howard. here we comes. i'll share. >> it is so good. >> do you like your pasta al dente? >> look at that pie.
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what is that? >> that is tear ma sue -- that is tiramisu. it feeds about four to six people. lady fingers, mascarpone cream. >> carmine's is the best. i love carmine's. thanks for being my special guest. >> thanks so much. >> go to get more information about the blue jeans ball this sunday at the marriott. come back and visit us at 5:00. thank you.
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